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Whilst commercial catering equipment is of course designed for commercial purposes, it is still commonly used in domestic kitchens so as to make life easier. If you regularly entertain a lot of guests, you might want to consider investing in some commercial catering equipment.  It can save you time and in many cases improve the quality of the food. BuyCatering Ireland offer a whole range of catering equipment which could come in handy for those of you that are getting sick of being pushed to the limits in your kitchen, from refrigeration to gas griddles, they offer anything and everything to help make life easier for you.


If you managed to get stressed out and overwhelmed when buying your kitchen equipment, then you are likely to have even more trouble when looking into commercial catering equipment! Of course it is a lot more expensive, so you have to do your research first, not only to ensure you don’t buy stuff you don’t need, but also to ensure you buy the right brand and model of what you do need. As with anything, you should be clear with your budget before you start.


First of all, sit down and consider what type of catering you will be using the equipment for. If you are throwing a lot of big parties which you can’t prepare for in your kitchen, then maybe you will be doing the catering off site, in which case you have to consider buying equipment to keep the food warm while it is being moved. Hopefully you can prepare it on site though, as this would mean you only need chaffing dishes.  Next have a think about the food you are hoping to use the catering equipment for. This may come as a surprise, but the catering equipment you require is largely dependent on the food you want to use it for.


If you are planning on using the catering equipment in your own kitchen, then it is going to be important that you have a lot of space available. Commercial catering equipment is big, and you will often find it doesn’t fit where you want it to. So get that tape measure out and plan ahead, map out where you plan on putting the equipment and also bear in mind aesthetics, commercial equipment definitely isn’t as attractive as domestic equipment!