This site is going to give you some basic background and tips on cutlery, so you should hopefully be able to make a much better informed decision when choosing kitchen cutlery.


First of all, the reason kitchen cutlery comes in sets is because there is no knife out there that can do everything. You wouldn’t use the knife you use to slice bread as the same knife you use to cut steak, despite them both being designed for the same task, ‘slicing’.


You shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you want since most cutlery is named after the task it is intended for. Also, you will find that the best brands produce cutlery that has perfect balance, meaning you won’t get aches and pains in your hand from holding it for long periods of time.


One great piece of advice that many people overlook is asking someone in the know about cutlery. I’m sure you know a chef or at least someone who is really into their cooking. Have a chat with them and find out what they think the best cutlery to go for is and why.


When looking at knives, you want to know how the edge is made. If you do some research into cutlery, you will know how it works and therefore will be able to determine which knife is best for which task. As with anything, there are cheaper and more expensive options. When it comes to cutlery you will find that stainless steel cutlery is at the lower end in terms of quality and silver is at the higher end. Spend some time also researching the companies that make the cutlery, there is an endless supply of information on the Internet. People often write reviews, and there is nothing better than reading a review from someone who has used a particular brand of cutlery for years.